Their bangs fall over their sight within the an irregular perimeter

Their bangs fall over their sight within the an irregular perimeter

Giyu Tomioka ( ? ( ?? ) ? ( ?? ) ? ( ? ) ? ( ?? ) , Tomioka Giyu ? ) was a major help character of Devil Slayer: Kimetsu zero Yaiba. He’s a demon Slayer of your own Devil Slayer Corps and you can the modern Liquids Hashira ( ? ( ?? ) ? ( ??? ) , Mizu Bashira ? ) . [2]

Physical appearance

Giyu is a high young buck off a good muscular prominence and you will pale skin, that is always seen dressed in a critical and you may emotionless expression. They have unruly black hair out-of rough lengths you to definitely sticks upwards into the tufts doing their lead, that he wears tied up back in a reduced dirty ponytail at the the base of their neck. Their attention was sharp and moderately highest, their irises a-deep sapphire one to is out so you’re able to a light bluish as well as their pupils a bluish-black, and generally are presented of the thin eye brows.

Giyu wears a dark cyan-tinted brand of the high quality Devil Slayer uniform that have buttoned light leg-wrapped kyahan and you can a pair of white zori with dark blue bands and you can tabi clothes the lower as being the exact same cyan color because the his consistent. Over this, Giyu wears good haori which is separated along the center with the a couple more habits: the correct one a stronger yellow, and the kept that geometrically designed which have squares out-of green, lime, and you will purple. This type of haori had been later on detailed having belonged to help you their late more mature sister, Tsutako Tomioka, along with his dry pal Sabito. [3]

During the his fight with Muzan Kibutsuji, he manages to lose their proper case. [4] Following battle, Giyu incisions their locks down seriously to shoulder size, now putting on they shed in lieu of tied up on a good ponytail. [5]

If you are Giyu was knowledge less than Sakonji Urokodaki, the guy used a purple haori which would later compensate their newest one to together with black colored hidden-into the tattsuke-hakama shorts with his newest light leg-wrapped kyahan and you may collection of white zori which have dark blue bands. As well, he and wears the brand new warding face masks which might be trademark to Sakonji’s people. To possess Giyu, it is a light fox mask which have light blue eyes.


Giyu usually wears a beneficial stoic and you may unbothered expression toward their face. He has an arranged identification and you may a robust sense of justice with no tolerance for the people that don’t know their own limitations and you may disposable its life. [6] Even after enabling Nezuko Kamado real time on account of Tanjiro Kamado’s persistence, the guy suggests zero doubt whenever killing almost every other demons and has now no respect otherwise compassion to your them like any Demon Slayers. [7] But, Giyu violated the fresh Demon Slayer Corps’ password of perform as he secure Nezuko throughout Shinobu’s you will need to destroy their. What this means is he will not entirely despise demons just like the various other Hashira create, which will be ready to create an exception to own a demon of the permitting them to alive once they never kill and you may consume people. This proves that he’s a great deal more practical when controling demons as an alternative allowing his hatred affect their judgement.

Giyu seemingly have an intricate in what others contemplate him that’s surprised whenever Shinobu Kocho claims he’s hated by many people. [8] Besides that although not, the guy cannot appear to be harm because of the Shinobu’s almost every other pokes, also overlooking their. Despite the fact that, they are in reality ount of history along with her. He or she is a man away from hardly any words possesses issues getting someone else, therefore he usually have himself far away. [9] He even is out regarding his cure for tell Akaza one he hates talking, and would like to keep his title to themselves, as he believes labels commonly supposed to be shared, particularly so you can demons.