Terms and Conditions



1.1 Portal

Through the www.bailandomilanocongress.com  website, it is possible to purchase tickets for the BAILANDO MILANO CONGRESS (the Event) to be held at Bologna from December 30th  to January 1st, 2023.

In order to make the purchase, it is necessary to proceed with the registration of data as a buyer and as a ticket holder (tickets will be named).

1.2 Security

NL PRODUCTION SAS reserves the right to cancel an order of purchase if for any reason whatsoever the parameters of purchase, sales and bank security are not satisfied. This operation will be notified by email and the sum paid for the purchase will be completely refunded.

1.3 Confirmation of purchase

The purchasing procedure concludes with the display that confirms purchase and with the receipt of an email of confirmation at the address shown when registering. In the event of failed delivery of the email of confirmation, please check your spam folder. You can receive assistance by writing to info@bailandomilanocongress.com


2.1 Duplication/Counterfeiting

NL PRODUCTION SAS is not responsible for any attempts of duplicating/counterfeiting tickets. The scanners at the entrance read the univocal codes of the tickets – access is not possible using the same code more than once.

2.2 Loss/Theft

In the case of loss, theft, deterioration or destruction of the ticket, NL PRODUCTION SAS will in no case replace or reissue the ticket.

2.3 Printing

The tickets are electronic (.pdf) and must be downloaded from the e-mail received and printed. Do not resize the ticket when printing in order not to make the QR code illegible. In the event of problems reading the ticket, it is the responsibility of the holder to reprint the ticket.

2.4 Withdrawal

The right of withdrawal is envisaged until October 31st, 2022. This operation involves a cost of € 10 for secretarial fees. Requests can be sent by email to info@bailandomilanocongress.com

Withdrawal requests received after 31st October 2022 and within 30th November 2022, provide for a penalty equal to 50% of the amount paid.

It is possible to request a name change at a cost of € 10 for administrative fees.

There is no right of withdrawal or change starting from December 1st 2022 as it is the supply of services for leisure time for which the supplier undertakes to provide these services on a specific date or in a pre-established period of time (Art. 59 Legislative Decree 206/2005)


2.5 Refund

Tickets are refundable and / or changeable on the basis of what is specified in point 2.4



3.1 Access

NL PRODUCTION SAS reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse entry to guests it deems inopportune, including with regard to the evaluations of the Police Force.

3.2 Evacuation

In the interest of public safety, NL PRODUCTION SAS reserves the right to request evacuation of the venue of the event, or part of it, at any time whatsoever.

At the end of the event, the guests are asked to go orderly towards the designated exits. No admission or readmission is allowed before or after the conclusion of the event.


4.1 Privacy Policy

In order to know the type of information collected and the methods of its processing, please go to: www.bailandomilanocongress.com

4.2 Sound and video recordings

We inform you that during the event, video recordings will be made and photographs will be taken for the purpose of publication on the Internet for promotional and communication activities (websites, mass media, social networks, etc….) NL PRODUCTION SAS  and other subjects may therefore take photographs or record videos in public areas. Ticket holders may not make Sound and Video recordings during the event except for their exclusive personal and non-commercial use.


5.1. The ticket holder waives every right of compensation consequent to accidents or loss of any type whatsoever in relation to their presence at the Event.

5.2. This access refers exclusively to the Event in question, on the day and at the times specified on the Ticket. The ticket holder is obliged to keep the Ticket in excellent condition throughout the event.

5.3. The sale of these Tickets is strictly prohibited, the Tickets cannot be resold and cannot be cancelled, exchanged or refunded in any case or circumstance. The Ticket, for which the purchase, payment or access have been contested, is deemed invalid. In this case the ticket holder must purchase another one at the prices and conditions applied on the days of the Event to be able to gain entry.

5.4. Every person who comes to the Event in question and at every Entrance declares having read all the Terms and Conditions referring to the purchase, with no exclusions.

5.5. In the case of cancellation, including only partial, of the Event, the Tickets purchased can in no way be refunded.

    The event is held on the  conditions of and regulated by the pro tempore legislation on the state of emergency due to the Covid 19 pandemic.