I must declare I am here so you’re able to kill the soreness So you can destroy the pain sensation Exactly what can I do?

I must declare I am here so you’re able to kill the soreness So you can destroy the pain sensation Exactly what can I do?

5. I favor It

I am not going to be on your own procession Lead to Really don’t for example they Do you consider I am a grimey nothing video game Do you think I like it You made up this fantasy beside me However, I can’t stand they.

Do you think you are the property owner, I’m the newest slave Do you consider I really like it You don’t actually see me in any event That’s the way i think its great.

I am getting ready to progress you can’t stand it You might kiss your own Black Sites online dating mythic away I like it, like it How will you like it

I’m free to carry out everything i particularly I’m honoring my life I am liberated to feel the thing i such I’m celebrating living I am browsing rating everything i such as for instance I am likely to commemorate ’till We perish I am honoring my life.

six. Underdog

And send you to a floor Hide and seek Whenever I’m on the ropes You should knock me down, knock me down Their cheap photos is rejected

You are going down You can’t eliminate my personal heart and you can kill me dream Back off So now you commonly understand myself now you don’t want to come back to the fight I have been brand new underdog all of the my entire life I will end up being they I won’t end until I view you upon the ground Trigger I am nonetheless real time

seven. The pain sensation

The latest blade out of justice during my hands Your slashed me personally off, sharp instance a blade You will be making me should never believe once again

I have to confess I am right here so you can kill the soreness Does not matter, whether it mattered I would personally have-not attempted to help save all of us each other off dropping our very own brains Doesn’t matter Your shatter myself today

I must escape The fresh rain appear The rain comes Absolutely nothing planning buy your date The latest rain appear Brand new rain happens You understand their planning to started

8. Spellbound

Burning here, from the area Effect that structure try moving nearer Hushed scene brand new ebony requires me personally Leads us to new stop off another day I am haunted

Tell me who you really are. I am spellbound You simply cannot understand this manage to your me Everywhere I go I’m spellbound I’m able to break the latest spell you put-on me

Velvet drapes, glowing candles Silent whispers off terms inside of my head New nights that comes, it delays for me personally Elevator me to the latest finish of some other date I am haunted

Let me know who you are. I am spellbound You simply can’t understand this handle into the me personally Almost everywhere I-go I’m spellbound I am able to split the enchantment you put-on me personally

Tell me who you are. I am spellbound You can not get this manage on the me Almost everywhere I go I’m spellbound I am able to crack the brand new enchantment your apply me

Everywhere I go I am spellbound Every where I go I’m spellbound Almost everywhere I go I am spellbound I am able to break the fresh spell you put on myself

9. Wide-awake

The newest rebel into the A mental away from my personal I haven’t felt right Since second I quit We confronted my personal restrictions I am impact I am becoming limitless I take it all-in and you will breathe

I’m wide awake I discover my personal eyes and air is actually so bluish instantly I am aware which i value living I’ve found myself Wide awake As if you New struggle within Now I know independence starts When you get away from the new crate your founded It looks like I’m crazy however, I am one of many To trust when you look at the me, believe in myself I won’t getting upcoming undone Bring about I feel like