However, its passion for charm and you can character is also suggested from the Nine’s dysfunction due to the fact “sensitive and painful and responsive to the environmental surroundings

However, its passion for charm and you can character is also suggested from the Nine’s dysfunction due to the fact “sensitive and painful and responsive to the environmental surroundings

In the event that Mars brand new goodness away from war epitomizes Particular 7, next its opposite Venus , brand new goddess out-of love and you may bringer away from comfort, is a superb icon to have Kind of Nine. Venus guidelines Libra, whose neighbors are very well-recognized for the love of serenity, harmony and justice for everybody, as well as their abundant diplomatic and you may mediating feel. Libras are also famous for weigh every sides out of problems before you make conclusion. Venus in addition to statutes Taurus, another indication of tranquility and like, in addition to out of peaceful and you will focused commitment (“the fresh strong, silent particular”). Kind of Nines also are allowed to be persistent and you will apathetic, which suits Taurus in order to a beneficial “T.” Each other cues will get often overlook by themselves in addition to their duties, and you will Libra perform which that with their diplomatic skill to make use of some one. The fresh indolence from both signs was better-understood, and you can Librans are especially great at blending when you look at the otherwise dropping by themselves in others. Just as in different Enneagram items, here seems to be more included in the symbol of Venus compared to Variety of 9, that is barely referred to as “artistic” particularly Venus. ” Saturn’s exaltation in the Libra could possibly get describe so it variation as well, since the their even more practical and you will depressive influence p on the Venusian artistic passions. A works by the greatest Renaissance musician Albrecht Durer try titled “Melancholia,” and depending on the artist expressed the latest influence off Saturn exalted for the Libra. New Moonlight is also exalted when you look at the Method of 9 (since it is exalted in the Taurus), particularly Saturn perhaps targeting the more boring, as well as the passive/responsive, traits of Nines.

The final column suggests the newest involved chakras, new seven time locations along side individual spine, which in alchemical lifestyle is lined up to the globes in the exact same purchase. You will find and additionally added Uranus and you may Neptune to that order.

The second desk shows the partnership between the enneagram models, worlds and you will cues

Another table reveals the partnership within enneagram designs, globes and you may signs

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Enneagram Type Entire world Ruling Cues Exalted Worlds chakra
One Mercury Virgo, Gemini Mercury when you look at the Virgo 5
A couple Moon Cancer Jupiter six
Around three Sunlight Leo Neptune 7
Four Neptune Pisces Venus 6
Five Uranus Aquarius Mercury (strong) 7
Six Saturn Capricorn, Aquarius Mars during the Capricorn 1
Seven Jupiter Sagittarius, Pisces Venus in Pisces 2
Eight Mars Scorpio, Aries Sun inside the Aries step three
Nine Venus Libra, Taurus Saturn for the Libra, Moonlight inside Taurus cuatro

As you can plainly see (once you learn a little astronomy), this new sequence of Ennneagram Brands corresponds to the brand new ranks off the worlds in their orbit around the Sunlight. Sunlight and you may Moonlight certainly are the archetypal few, the daddy and you can Mommy idea. It correspond to Items About three and two respectively. From there, for folks who matter in reverse off Types of You to definitely (Mercury), to enter 9 (Venus), Form of Seven (Mars) and so on off to Neptune (Method of Four), this new versions align just to the globes since you disperse out from the Sunrays. You’ll be able to matter pass of Neptune and kind Five, and the globes coincide in order since you wade inwards so you can the sun’s rays and you can Moon. Perhaps you have realized regarding the table, these ranks of worlds also are about the fresh new sequence from the zodiac of one’s cues it laws.

Why is brand new Mercury type picked as Particular You to definitely? We have a principle. Hermes is the Greek identity for Mercury, therefore the Egyptian name is Thoth. Within the alchemical and hermetic customs, Mercury is short for Hermes himself, who’s reputed as mcdougal of these culture. He or she is the magician and you may teacher who provided all of us the machine on what most probably the Enneagram is based. When you look at the alchemy, the element titled Mercury signifies the secret to the fresh adaptive works, as well as in fact is used in metallurgy to split up silver from the pollutants. Mercury’s adaptive fuel is the reason Types of One is called the new reformer and you may idealist, the person who finds out to help you grow and perform the work away from change, and you may getting better consciousness into the community.